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Bruce, uniquely, provides the combined Building, Structural and home survey which he has evolved as the optimum and ideal Survey for all properties; period, mid-war, non-traditional design, new build, cavity, solid, modern methods of construction etc.

Please provide the full address & post code of the property to be surveyed, its asking price and a photo of the front elevation (estate agent’s link) for a fully comprehensive offer of professional services or email or call Bruce:


The non-invasive Building Survey will follow a disciplined iterative methodology and structural appraisal, including advice on loading and foundations to determine the structural serviceability and adequacy of property.  Survey will advise of all possible and probable defects and their causes some of which are contained in the menu below:

Tree identification – As uncovered by Carl Linnaeus, through observation and the scientifice methodology,  you need to go through a logical identification process of characteristics  as follows:  Bark, leaf arrangements, leaf shape, leaf margin and texture, Flower, Seed and Fruit, Habit – If you are doing a dissertation and you are not sure of the scientific methodology study trees and Linnaeus and all will become clear

Tree Damage – Risk of Damage by different tree species – the table indicates (click here) that the extent and depth of drying around oak trees can be significantly greater than occurs with most other species.

If damage occurs an expert should advise, with reference to BRE 298, action required

Tree Identification
DivisionClassOrderFamilySpeciesBarkLeafArrangementLeaf ShapeLeaf margin & TextureFlowerSeeds & FruitHabit
Monkey PuzzleLight Grey WrinkledSpiralTriangular Spherical Cones30 x 15Evergreen
Common YewRich Brown flaking to reveal pink patchesRowedNeedle Small cones – pale yellow15-20 x 20Evergreen
Leyland CypressSmooth Red Brown develops shallow fissuresIrregularly arrangedScale like, flattened slightly drooping sprays Angular, globular15-36 x 10Evergreen
Juniper(Gin and Tonic Tree)Dark red Brown – peeling in vertical papery stripsDense whorls of threeNeedles  Berry like blue-black cones5 x 4Evergreen
CedarReddish brown, peels verticallyUpright sprays     
Tree distance and damage
SpeciesMax Tree HeightMax Distance 75% of CasesMax Distance 90% of cases
False Acacia18-208.510.5
Horse Chestnut16-251015
Sycamore, Maples17-24912
Cherries, plums, Damsons etc6-1267.5

Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB | Party Wall Surveyor | Building Surveyor | Third Surveyor | Party Wall Surveyor Thanet

London | Ramsgate | Broadstairs | Margate | Thanet

 12 Forburg Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 6HS

Chartered Building Consultant Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB
Sarah Vincent
Sarah Vincent
11:41 17 Feb 20
Mr. Spenser handled the matter of a party wall agreement concerning major building works at my property. From past... experience, the adjoining owners have not always been helpful. However Mr. Spenser was able to ensure that we reached agreement quickly and in a spirit of cooperation. He works in an extremely efficient and effective way. He has explained everything fully and clearly to me. Above all, he has provided a stress free and highly professional service. Highly more
Stuart Alexander
Stuart Alexander
18:36 09 Feb 20
Bruce’s commitment to detail and speedy response she has meant that he is my go to guy whenever I purchase a... property. I’ve used him twice now and each time found his report professional and extremely informative and useful. Would definitely use more
Rosie Wedderburn
Rosie Wedderburn
20:54 19 Jan 20
Bruce was exceptionally quick to respond to survey request and the survey was conducted speedily and extremely... thoroughly. Bruce organised access to the property via the estate agents (so I didn't have to send lots of chaser emails to either party). Definitely more
Mark Lazarus
Mark Lazarus
12:17 16 Jan 20
Detailed survey, organised efficiently. Very pleasant to talk to. Would recommend!
Kimmy's Hands
Kimmy's Hands
19:55 13 Jan 20
Prompt & professional service. Bruce went above and beyond what I had hoped for. I would recommend 100%
Rod Jones
Rod Jones
21:26 18 Dec 19
In August 2019 Bruce Spenser carried out a survey for me on a Victorian flat conversion, to a very high standard,... saving me from a potential bad purchase. He is highly professional and his vast experience is clear. Highly recommended. Subsequently I used Bruce to survey an alternative property in Dec 2019. Again his expertise did not disappoint and this time will result in a successful purchase subject to negotiations etc. Highly more
Felipe Castrillon
Felipe Castrillon
12:32 28 Nov 19
Helpful advice answer my questions out of hours and responded very promptly
Samuel Myer
Samuel Myer
10:21 02 Oct 19
Bruce was recommended to me via my brother after he provided excellent party wall service when he had a dispute with... his neighbour and the council. Very happy with the service he provided. He is a fair and just person operating in what can be a very confusing and ultimately exploitative part of the more
Tom Neff
Tom Neff
17:09 20 Sep 19
I’ve met a few true craftsmen in my time, and I can say with confidence that Bruce is one of them. In less than week... of calling him to see if he was available, he had performed a comprehensive survey of a property with a tight time constraint I had put an offer on, sent me a full report, then called me to discuss his findings. Thorough, professional, timely. I can’t recommend him enough. I will be using his services again in the more
Carlo Giovine
Carlo Giovine
09:10 18 Apr 19
Bruce's home survey was excellent, thorough and prompt. Albeit he is roughly 50% more expensive than other surveyors,... his review has been tremendously valuable to us and helped us to potentially save tens of thousands of pounds of works that we would incurred into after home purchase. He discussed his survey in details, provided advice on the overall negotiation process and offered to further review additional documents to ensure our purchase is sound. We feel Bruce has been our partner in this process as opposed to a transactional advisor, simply completing his more
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