Raising a Party Wall Downwards

Raising Downwards

It is illiterate to state, “a Party Wall (or indeed any other wall) can be raised downwards”, and therefore it follows, non-sensical, absurd, counter-intuitive, irrational, un-educated and oxy-moronic which is why of course the Party Wall Act does not allow something  which is not possible. 

The following nonsense poem is dedicated to the “raising downers”,

 “There was an unfortunate, appointed Party Wall Surveyor, Who was convinced they were cleverer than they were, they read the party wall act poorly, without knowledge of English history and stated, ‘raised was the equal of razed surely!’”

·        Raising downwards is a contradiction in terms; you can only raise upwards.

·        Previous case law which has no relevance to the Party Wall Act should not be relied upon.

·        The Party Wall Act allows for underpinning and raising a Party Wall

·        Section 7(4) requires the permission of the Adjoining Owner for special foundations